Trombone and harp


Dr. Setzer compiled an annotated bibliography on literature for trombone and harp during his time at CCM. This document is intended to raise awareness of the existence of works for trombone and harp and generate interest in this genre. It focuses on original solos, transcriptions, trios, quartets, and chamber music involving trombone and harp. It is available for purchase at CherryClassics.


One of the solos featured in the trombone and harp bibliography is a new work by Mack LaMont called Endless (2017) for Trombone and Harp. It was commissioned by Louis Setzer in an effort to generate additional quality, accessible solos for trombone and harp. The recording and purchasing information can be found on Mack's website, using the link above.


Al Circo: For Trombone and Harp

David Stout's Al Circo is the oldest original solo for trombone and harp, composed in 1968. This solo was previously only available as a manuscript copy, but will soon be available for purchase. It was transcribed by Louis and is awaiting publication through Cherry Classics. The JOLO duo will be performing Al Circo at the American Trombone Workshop in March 2019.